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  • A Safer Approach To Ear Infections

    April 3rd, 2014

    The Problem
    Ear infections in children and adults are more common than ever. It is estimated that about 35% of the reasons why young children see their pediatrician is for ear [...]

  • Buying A Chiropractic Tables

    February 26th, 2014

    Owning a chiropractic business gives you the chance to help people deal with their neck and back problems. You can actually make people feel better. In order to have a [...]


Meditation is a practice that trains the mind to focus and concentrate. There is a variety of applications and practices including techniques to encourage relaxation, singular concentration, and spirituality. While it originated in religious practices, it is scientifically proven to increase health and wellbeing in its practitioners.

Designing Your Home

When designing your home, seeking a balance of energies is not always your first instinct. However, feng shui is becoming an increasingly popular practice for design gurus to make your home functional and balanced, generating good vibes and happy homeowners.


Journaling is a reflective and meditative activity. It allows the writer to look inwards at his emotions and feelings and analyze his life. Studies have shown journaling to be a therapeutic tool for those who write regularly as they reflect on their lives and develop greater confidence in themselves.

Peace Gardens

In a troubled world, creating a peace garden is a simple way to cultivate quiet meditation. There are many ways to approach your personal peace garden. You can plant various kinds of trees, shrubs, or flowers, or you can simply set aside an area that is tranquil and balanced.